Change the Printout Mode to Normal. We are just waiting for new data. I have downloaded the driver for this printer from Dell and run it on the XP side. Click on Set Printer Options for the new printer Add the printer 9. To modify your CUPS you need to type in a web browser localhost:

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May 3, 9: If you are unable to setup HP envy printer? Go to printer menu 3. Works okay here under Leopard and Snow Leopard.

UCLA Knowledge Base : Mac OS Printing on Dell cdn

For the heck of it, I tried to print the FreeHand file I needed, and it prints beautifully. Dec 16, 4: I had to go into CUSP at http: I have downloaded and installed the 2130vn drivers for GhostScript, Footmatic, and hpijs, as well as Gutenprint, but no results.

Dell provide different kind of products, special Dell Printer. Add the printer 9.


Thanks a million, I was at my wits’ end! Everything you need is at http: Matt Broughton Matt Broughton.

Using Dell cn Color Laser printer | MacRumors Forums

Now my settings are saved, which for some reason it just kept ignoring in between apps. In such situation Dell technical support customer service provide complete round the clock online support for 21330cn Dell Printers all technical issues troubleshooting.

My first test page I tried print from Safari, and it did not print. Any work around for this, or anything in particular I need to do within these apps?

Dell Printer driver for Mac OSX

Jul 23, 8: But nothing comes out when I try to send from computer. May 2, 9: Now, greyscale using the above driver is the best I get. Aug 31, 4: I can’t get color out of my color printer.

I hope my other software will print also. While some people use them successfuly I have difficulties with them.

As we know that Dell is an American multinational computer company. Good thing he’s got me cause I got it to print, for the most part.


Mac OS Printing on Dell 2130cdn

Please be thoughtful, detailed and courteous, and adhere to our posting rules. I could not find my printer in the list as instructed, and the “Add” button was grayed out, so 21130cn could not add anything I tried.

Can i use any laser printer for Plastic card printing purpose? Thanks for posting this! In your browser type: Instructions will need to be in simple easy to follow language.

Many of the peoples have uses Dell services comfortably. My husband handled all the tech stuff but he passed away in Feb.

Sorry for not clarifying, I am running this on Mac,