The amount of each call is subtracted from the account after its completion. Views Read Edit View history. T1 interface circuit acts like a traffic coordinator for gating the digital signals. However, other crosspoint arrays and configurations may be used. The enrollment phase consists of extracting biometric data to be stored for future use. In this embodiment, the recorder is incorporated into CPU When the call is outpulsed and answered, CPC provides called party prompts to announce the call, which may include asking the calling and called party for voice verification.

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NIC (Network Interface Card) Definition

Many computers and wireless devices now include an integrated networking component called a network adapter. If a key word is uttered, the system records the rest of the call and alerts the system etherbet, proper authorities, or implements other security procedures.

Administrative workstationshadow workstationinvestigative workstationand commissary workstation may alternatively be combined into one or several units. The call is established only if both parties verify that the called party has provided the correct voice data. From this data, the analyzing system can determine an accurate distance from the sensor that the user must be located within some minor degree of error.

For example, biometrics recognition has found a number of security uses, including common usage, in credit card systems and building security systems.

When a user attempts to access a telephone terminal, the system sends out a pulse.

Then, the called party may be informed, via voice prompts or other like means, the identity of the calling party and location from where the calling ehhernet is located e. A network adapter may also be a small peripheral that connects to a USB port. SCC is a communications interface controller between multiple electronic switchboard devices and is generally integrated within the electronic switchboard device of the present invention.


The NIC may distribute incoming traffic between the receive queues using a hash function.


DSP processes the digitized audio signals data on each channel. This detection is performed through voice authentication of either the called party, of the inmate, or of both sides of the conversation with stored voiceprints each time a user places a call e. Next, a user is prompted to enter biometric information e. The analyzing system detects the angle of the incident pulse with the sensor and uses this data from multiple detectors to triangulate the source of the user.

Specifically, when one trunk line is occupied and handling an outgoing communication, electronic switchboard device automatically accesses an alternate trunk line to handle the outgoing communication.

Next referring to FIG.

Biometric data includes, but is not limited to, voiceprints, face architecture, signature architecture, fingerprints, retinal prints, hand geometry, and the infrared pattern of the face.

LIC converts the 24 outbound voice busses from CSC to 24 balanced ohm two-wire interface circuits. DIS provides an integrated digital T1 network interface capability for the call system.

ehernet Processed voice signals are digitized and stored in memory not shown. Furthermore, these voice prompts can be played in the language specified by the user’s profile, the language specified by the institution, or in a multitude of languages. Connect relay controls the seizure and the release of the associated CPC port If the user is authenticated and the requested items are available, the processor generates transaction records, updates user commissary information, and correctly adjusts inventory.


Network interface controller

A fifth section allows users of the software to compile various system reports, such as net monthly financial transactions and an extra digits dialed report.

231con for “Network Interface Card” and is pronounced “nick.

Configuration control information cad sent to the Data Communication Subsystem DCS concerning the in-service station location addresses, which are mapped into program memory This feature provides a hardware type reset for data communication card central processor This allows an authorized user to access an automated service and enter menu selection keys.

Biometric authentication means may also be implemented to authenticate the called party. Calls placed by users of the system are routed through the switchboard device and connected to the proper outgoing 231clm based on the type of call placed e. It is foreseeable that the embodiment described herein supports ethernrt to 32 inmate telephone stations and 24 trunk lines The inmate’s access to the account may alternatively be controlled by the inmate’s family.

Call system software controls all monitoring, recording, financial transactions, and other call processing features. The first technique is live monitoring.

However, to handle most institution requirements, the range of the PIN is one to nine digits or characters typically. Although Fujimoto, et al.