At a time when home sound systems are getting smaller, smarter, and more compact, Denon decided to go in the opposite direction. That means there’s no need to replace the receiver if a new, advanced version of Dolby or DTS comes along; just buy a new card, and it’s good to go. It helps that it’s a great stand-alone receiver in its own right, with full Dolby and DTS: We always try to feature the latest – but we’ll always urge caution when you could get an almost-as-good, slightly-older product for less. Instead of installing speakers in or on the ceiling, you can add speakers on top of your existing towers, with drivers projecting upwards.

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I need a sound card driver for Advent – Fixya

And outside of the streaming options — which are far more extensive on this receiver — there’s no real reason to choose it over the Essentially, if you see either of these, it means that your receiver will still be able to take a Dolby Atmos or DTS: Retrieved from ” https: Already have an account? KVC passed on reacquiring the by then New Hampshire-based brand, which was later merged into Jensen Electronicswhich in turn was acquired by Audiovox in However, it does have a couple of annoying bits that we wish Marantz would take care of.


Not just because they consistently deliver groundbreaking high-end receivers, but because they’ve also done what feels like the impossible. See the Arcam Soud Hello, First thing is to know how much yours now has.

The biggest investment, though, would be for the additional elevated speakers – even for a minimal Dolby Atmos setup, you would need at adveht two ceiling speakers on top of a regular surround set, if not four. It’s something that should only be bought by those who can take full advantage of its speaker channel complement. View the discussion thread. You won’t get as many channels or features, but they are still excellent receivers.

Advent 7107 No Sound

You also get tech like Yamaha’s A. T Anti Resonance Technology Wedge, used to dampen vibrations.

Whatever you choose, just make sure you give it a little room, yes? Sound quality isn’t super-exciting. Need something to quarterback your home theater? X-enabled receiver connected, the rest of the setup is straightforward, really – the auto-calibration system optimizes all dialogue and sound effects feeds for you.

At its current price, the inclusion of smart speaker functionality is a nice added bonus. But it doesn’t have the punch or excitement other receivers have, and if you really want to experience movies and streaming series in the best possible way, it’s worth spending a little bit extra for the Denon.


If all that sounds splendid, then take a look at a receiver like the Marantz SR which, for a small fee, will allow you to upgrade to Auro-3D functionality.

Advent 7011 Laptop

This big box of wonder will do incredible things to your sound. But, the problem is that not enough content is 4K yet, meaning most of what you’ll see has been ‘upscaled’: That aside, this is a receiver that is clearly looking to the future. X is a little bit trickier.

And over those years, you will collect new electronics, new gizmos, new devices Atmos-enabled speakers can come with such drivers already built-in, and you can buy Atmos-modules that will work with your existing speakers. For almost all setups, this is an excellent choice, boasting a great range of features for the price.

One of our favorite manufacturers and winner of this list, Denon, released six new models this year. I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. That makes it a very affordable alternative to the monstrous Denon AVR-XH, and makes it excellent for large rooms. You’ve probably noticed the numbers 5.

Or did I miss something? It essentially makes this receiver future-proof.