My problems should be solve or not? Awaiting for your suggestion before I click buy… Thanks in Advance.. Join other followers Follow University of South Wales: You may also like. But thank you for the information. Of course, who wants a 2. Ease Of Use 9.

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It did work on my home laptop “Dell Inspiron N” however when i used it it turn out to be not as good as i thought it failed to capture the handshake that we need to crack the password! One downside is that it does not support the newer Like Liked by 2 people.

In the body of the article, I explain the chipset that works correctly with Kali and that the device I received through my Amazon links had the working chipset.

Directory listing of [1] WiFi USB adapter/AWUSNH v2

Best of Luck Read full review Verified purchase: Shame to leave it at that. If the wireless network is only configured for 2.


Ease Of Use 9. These drivers are not part of the standard Linux kernel, and have been modified to allow for injection.


Lol, there is where rolling release distros come handy! You are commenting using your Twitter account. So it really depend on the use you have for this adapter.

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This card was amazing… and would pick up times as many networks as more powerful cards. I hugely recommend this adapter – the waus051nh driver s loaded onto a Windows-7 computer flawlessly!

Budget is not an issue. I hope this helps.

Review: Alfa AWUS051NH WiFi Adapter

Hi As a professional pentester, I need the best wifi card to use in Kali 2. Pros Packet Inspection Packet Injection 2.

Tags best wifi adapters for kali wifi hacking. Linksys Wireless Routers with Dual Band. Thank you for your awus051hh and sharing your experience as knowledge. That was a very clear explanation. I would suggest using high gain antennas, such as the Alfa panel adapter — as each 3DB gain will effectively double your signal strength — and stablise the connection.


Wireless N or I share your interests in security and privacy. These antennas will keep your connections stable. You are commenting using your WordPress. However most 5GHZ cards have problems capturing packets.

I really like using the wardriving paddle, however 2. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Notify me of new comments via email. Very Fine price and very excellent performance – this ALFA unit really snags the wifi signals at top speed!

The ACH does inject packets. Run the lsusb command to see the correct chipset then load the correct chipset with rmmod and modprobe commands swus051nh there is a problem. Dave December 7, at 6: I have got some basics on the alfw and way they work.