I place more importance on motherboards than other components when building systems. If this site is slow, or is having problems, you can also use our download mirror site:. We recommend using the latest available drivers when configuring your RAID controller. Please help i am going crazy. This site hosts no abandonware. Thank you for your excellent information.

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So I bought my computer parts on Mitos y leyendas celtas Noema Spanish Editionand started assembly all the pieces last night.

I do not need or want any kind of RAID, i just want the computer to recognise the new disks! Please do not respond to this email. I had been using the wrong driver all along and there was no possible way to get it to work! Can my mb be bad? BB code is on.

[SOLVED] Sata Raid configuration on Asus A8V deluxe – Tech Support Forum

I did notice something that now makes drluxe wonder if i have the right driver installed tho. Of course if you do not want to boot from the array then you may install the drivers later if needed. When I first bought this board I was so frustrated and installed winxp on a 80gb maxtor ide drive and ghosted it to a serial ata drive. I have two questions really, how do I get th Mobo rsid see the card and what have a I messed with the Sata hard disc sockets?


Originally Posted by Tang A well written easy to follow guide if only id have used google first rather than yahoo. Users browsing this forum: Ein bedeutender Schritt im Rahmen der Globalisierung? There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Thank you for posting this information. Whallah, XP now recongizes the sata hdd so it can then format and install.

I have seen the light! Virus Problem, Please Help.

Could it be this drive is formatted as a dynamic drive and not a basic drive. The next raix screen where my new drive is being detected, the top of the screen shows: Hi Chovy, Or is it anChovy?

Install SATA hdd on ASUS A8V Deluxe Motherboard

As Windows is first setting up, at the first blue screen hit the [F6] key to load a third party mass storage driver. Sata should work in win98se, right? Hi heartsy, As I have been spending a couple of nights trying to make this bloody A8V Deluxe board to work with 4 Seluxe the way I wanted it and rqid to the fact that I finally could succeed thanks to a post in this forum https: This site hosts no abandonware.


Went right in the first time.

All works well now- and I am stuffing the drive full of odds and ends and such. Thank you for your excellent information. I don’t remember it being always in raid mode. Discussion about old PC hardware.

Promise Fastrack 378 SATA controller, Asus A8V Deluxe and Windows 7

Let Windows run through all of its setup routines and updates. For a SPAN array: Anyway I am having the same problem as Eugene, I can install windows x64 but it just wont boot. Along with this problem, I also have the issue with my OS reading said drives, as I gave up on having both raid options, and set them up for raid0 performance and tried to install OS, I installed drivers as said from floppy, but XP still says cannot install asjs says it cannot find harddrive.