When watching TV, i. If these drivers are not listed there, uninstalling and reinstalling the VideoMate TV drivers, it helps. Assemble the computer cover back and plug the PC power cord. ComproDTV will save it automatically and show the file name on the screen. Press OK to immediately shutdown the computer. You can see the window below.

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Playback Press the Play button to open the Play dialog box.

Drivers – TV tuners – Compro – Download

Password There is no default password. Options You tecy press the Options button to open the Options dialog box. When scanning in this mode, it will add the channels you have scanned to your channel list.

Please use the form from below or email to support comprousa. When main window changes the channel to another frequency, sub window s will move to available programs of tb frequency. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Integrated de-interlacing technology assures the highest picture quality. You may also press the Advance for commercial skip and Replay for instant replay buttons on the control panel or remote control to navigate through the program.

CARTE SATELLITE VIDEO MATE S350 – Bab Ezzouar, Alger, Algeria -RawaJNet

The remote control sensor, which is plugged into the TV card, tecb be loose. Press the Timeshifting button and the Time Monitoring bar will appear.


It is available to hear audio on multiple programs at the same time. Watch and record TV programs on your PC, in full-screen mode or in a window. Please write the s3500/s300 in order to determine the problem.

After channel scanning, ComproDTV will receive the correspondent channels of the satellite.

Please double-click on sub window to switch program with main window in order to do so. If the problem persists, your problem could also be the result of an IRQ conflict.

Do not use rechargeable batteries. You can see the screen capture dialog as below.

Program will countdown 20 seconds to shutdown the computer. In addition, adjusts the channel order by using the proper arrow button. Composite Audio needs to connect to the Line-In port of your sound card. If you have Autorun enabled, the installer will start automatically. Page 10 LNB settings, please contact your satellite dish provider for correct information. Orange circle on the upper-right corner of the TV window Sleep function Note: TV card, and then remove the PC case cover.

When watching TV, i. If you don’t have ComproRemote on the system tray, start the following program: Watch and record TV programs on your PC, in full-screen mode or in a window. If you have problems with watching, recording, or timeshifting live TV, please check the status of the drivers with Device Manager. Double-click on the sub window can switch the TV program to the main window.


Videomate S350 Digital Satellite TV Tuner and Capture Card

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Timeshifting lets you watch TV, pause live TV, or review your favorite scenes without missing a minute of the program. After gech, insert the installation CD into your CD drive. Timeshifting Timeshifting temporarily saves the video to your hard disk for a specified period of time so that you can pause, replay, or skip commercials during live TV, without interrupting an ongoing recording session. Channel Surfing While watching TV, you can press the channel surfing button to multiple channel watching, the channel surfing feature displays a 4×4 grid of channel images to give you an overview of available programming.

You can unlock it by clicking the check mark.