GUIs are supposed to be “discoverable,” and this one is not. But straight out-of-the-box the keyboard will not connect with the USB dongle automatically. Thomas Kluyver takluyver wrote on I just try to remember to dig out the old USB keyboard as part of my preparation for an upgrade. However this just does not seem to work under Linux. Florian Ehrenthal dizzinger wrote on I think it is perfectly possible that these problems could be caused by a driver or kernel issue in my particular case, I suspect it has something to do with the way the dinovo gear comes out of its own power saving mode not being very well handled by the linux bluetooth system.

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Bug is not at all the same issue, and the bug I want to be subscribed to. I don’t like Xinovo solution but it does work. WillSmith moni wrote on It’s a big machine with dualcore, so it can’t be processing power.

It would be awesome if the driver provided feature parity with existing Windows driver and it would be super awesome if Logitech themselves can release such driver for Linux GetAddress Apr 19 Fraser, Is great that my post could help.

Download full text 3. Work-around is editing bluetooth- hid2hci. The dongle does have a button, a ububtu one. It’s more of a integration problem in the development of startup-script for bluez bluetooth services.


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this one. If the issue still exists, please update this report by changing the Status of the “linux” task from “Incomplete” to “New”. After making this change, I turned on my wireless keyboard, unplugged it’s bluetooth dongle, plugged it back in, paired the keyword with the dongle, and a few seconds later it worked.


The following codes are what one user has found using a diNovo Mini under Mythbuntu August 12th, 3. Anything I can provide please don’t uvuntu to ask. The fix is a regression, have a look at this: Sign up using Email and Password. I do, and it was never fixed. Download full text 6.

But straight out-of-the-box the keyboard will not connect with the USB dongle automatically.

logitech dinovo mini – Ubuntu Wiki

If there is such control offered by the devices, for immediate solution, we just need to disable the udev rule that causes the dongle to switch to HCI mode and let user decide to enable HCI mode with hardware miini. I am therefore closing out the development kernel task.

About Me Sadarax View my complete profile. I only found them recently and I have not had a chance to test but these tools seem to make it possible to control MX keyboard’s “LCD and to use some of the keys that are not recognized by the stock Linux HID driver.


I’ve actually just noticed it again, here, whilst writing this. The dinovo mouse exhibits the following:.

Logitech diNovo Mini

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However after I rebooted, and I try to use the keyboard again at gdm it again has the time-out which brakes bluetooth after the first key-press. This persists in the latest updates of tribe 5 and, as a side note running “hcitool dev” says that there are no devices even when I get it working.

Still not a duplicate of see above. For other sticks the change is completely automatic.

Awesome Linux: Ubuntu Logitech diNovo Edge Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard (Part 2)

However, by simply pressing the connect buttons on the dongle and device, it managed to connect and well. With the current release of Ubuntu 8.

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