First of all sorry for my bad english I installed it via vmware on the real partition SATA Gb with two partitions first for xp.. And after install, it doesn’t work to boot off of the partition you installed to. Thank You for your response. I downloaded this iso “JaS

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Already have an account? And after install, it doesn’t work to boot off of the partition you installed to. E is actually a very nice platform for Leopard.

E520 ands BIOS HD Setting

A tip, search the forum. Zitat von Fernando im Beitrag 11 Yes, that would be my advice as well, but I do not recommend to do things, which I have never tested myself.

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I installed osx on my work e computer. Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: The reason mentioned above will be used. Posted August 14, Now there are issues with some installs. I have had a similar problem on my old server where the every time the power went out the BIOS went corrupt and all that was on the screen was a flashing cursor, so I had a ROM file on a USB drive that I would use to restore radi.


Any help would be very much appreciated. Posted May 4, I have the same Dell at work, and have tried all of the same processes.

I would Say we are 4 Cuz i got a E which i got for a cheap price. Posted April 17, Posted April 16, If any of you get it working, you could maybe post the results here? Sound works with Taruga’s kext for Tiger, his Leopard patcher doesn’t work for us yet. Thank You for your rsid.

E ands BIOS HD Setting | Motherboard Forums

Yes, that is what I would do as well. Zitat von Fernando im Beitrag 9 What I do not gaid is how to replace this module by another one and then to repack the complete EXE file.

Posted August 10, Remember thoug that there was something you should think of to get around the waiting for oot device thingy. The worst case is a bricked mainboard if you cannot even enter the BIOS anymore.


Sign up for a new account in our community. I am fairly new to BIOS modding. Posted June 7, Regards Fernando My current System: Is there any other s520 with Dell Dimension E with same hw configuration that can run osx? I had to make the harddrive the other option besides the LSI driver In Tiger, Macdotnub and Kalyway boot out of the box. I think it was for people who changed the BIOS setting.

Posted June 14, First of all sorry for my bad english