Acceptable credentials will display for purchase. However, learning a new tool takes time! Please note you need to provide this password each time you use your certificate. The list of users display in your cart. Select a token to activate, and then follow the onscreen prompts to use the token and enter the one-time password.

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This article includes training tips and important migration and implementation considerations.

Billing and Support

Follow the steps below to learn how. Special medication history features and tools make prescribing faster. When you finalize a controlled substance prescription, you will see additional exosta on the Prescription Review pop-up window. Receive the digit passcode from the proofing agent at the end of your in-person proofing appointment.

As they work through the process, you can keep track of their status. The identification process for EPCS registration is similar to a credit check for a home loan or other identification procedure. Have your phone ready at the time of the conference. You are required to enter a password for this token during the certificate download process.


Get Started – OTP

Verify Your Legal Name and Enter Your Address and Other Details On the next screen, verify your name and enter your address, date of birth, phone numbers, and the last four digits of your social security number.

Exostar issues license keys when users complete full payment for the purchase of their OTP products. Install the token PKI Client middleware on your machine.

From United Kingdom Phone: Next, the ExoStar ID-proofing system, using the Experian credit services, will ask you randomly generated ID-proofing questions based on known identity factors, such as your home mortgage loan, credit cards, career, past home addresses, or other available data.

Check Payments Mail payments to: Ensure you have been provided the initial token password to enable you to complete token installation. Insert the token into your computer and install software components.

Next, register your hardware token. You can quickly respond to renewal requests, sign agent prescriptions, and finalize pending prescriptions. Enter it in the second One-Time Password field.

If you already have certificates installed on the tokens, re-initialize the token. Once the Authy app is installed and registered, you can use your mobile device as your possession factor when authenticating to an Exostar system that requires MFA.


Go to start of metadata. Click Make a Payment. The next steps is up to them. Exostar strongly recommends you enable exoxtar protection for your MLOA certificates, unless there are corporate policies against doing so.

Phone OTP allows you to register your mobile telephone or land-line telephone to receive one-time passwords via text or voice. Either way, you will end up with a code. It may take up to 24 hours for renewals to process.

You can use your mobile device to approve EPCS prescriptions. Enter the passcode provided to you by your proofing agent during your in-person proofing appointment. Pages MyExostar Home Applications. You should complete this process immediately, as your ID proofing has a time limit. Once selected, you are prompted to enter the exostat token password. Click Submit and Email.