After installing wintab you must open the tabletworks control panel and click the wintab button at the top of the window. Choose it to display the Wintab Information window. The Wintab driver is a Windows driver that turns the digitizer into a mouse input device for the computer. The Options menu provides a grid and cursor button test utility and a utility that displays Wintab driver information. To save this configuration, on the tablet digitize the S button, the 9 button, and the 0 button. To test the Cursor Buttons:

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Citrix and Terminal Services Server: Ensure all connections are properly seated. Double-click on the filename to begin the TCU installation.

GTCO Corporation Drivers

Logic Trace Digitizing System. The test utilities identify the primary origins of system failure.

The next time you use the software digitize the S90 and you will not need to use the custom configration menu. Click on the Test Winta link. See our notes on Everything you wanted to know about serial and USB cables and ports.

GTCO CalComp Downloads

You must have admin rights on your local computer to install this software. If you are using software with multiple menu areas defined, the TabletWorks Change the baud rate tothe parity to none, data bits 8, stop bits 1, all commands should be blank, use any button to digitize, 14 bytes, resolution, ASCII output, x start 2, x length 5, y start 8, y length 5, last byte LF.


The Logic Group digitizing software can be used with or without the windows wintab driver, other vender software will generally require the windows driver. If you are currently using TabletWorks 7.

Download and Install Tablet Configuration Utilities.

Driver Instructions for Summagraphics Microgrid 2. Our software uses the S12 configuration on the digitizing tablet. You will need to test the TabletWorks Use Windows Explorer to locate the downloaded file. There are 2 Wintab Drivers!!

Digitizing Drivers, Wintab, and Tabletworks. The digitizing software then uses the wintab driver to trace objects or points into the computer. You will need the Custom Configuration Menu card that was included with the digitizer. The icons represent ports or driver interfaces that the user can search for supported tablets. All tablets installed and working with TabletWorks. Go to Cart Go to Mobile.

Call our support if you need assistance with this. The TCU was designed to enable you to run diagnostics on, or configure, your tablet. After installing make sure calomp com port is set between com1 to com4. Continue on to Support sections Existing End Users are covered under the settlement agreement.


When a driver is found, its profile is posted in the Device Information section on the Main Screen.

TabletWorks CTS – GTCO

Depress a button on the cursor and watch for the button to display in red on the cursor graphic. Sometimes Windows grabs a COM port winyab hangs on to it or installs an incompatible driver on it. Click here for info. The Tablet Configuration Utilities TCU are a series of programs designed to test your tablet when you are troubleshooting problems and to configure it.

If you are having troubles with one, try the other.