Hardware and Software Requirements Installation requirements and recommendations for the PC on which the xdriver software will be installed are listed below. Quick Start Guide Version 3. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy , including cookie policy. If you plan to extend the default xdriver implementation, see Chapter 3, Extending the Default xdriver. Plug the USB device back in. You can then import the. Then, select each applicable method name for each interface from the Declarations pull-down list, as in Figure This will generate the declaration and end statements required for each subroutine.

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Welcome, Audience | Echelon OpenLDV User Manual | Page 3 /

If you copy the sample files to use xdrivwr a base for your project, you must change the GUIDs. See the LonWorks Interfaces online help for details of the available configuration options. Consult the online help for descriptions of the fields on the Network Interface Properties dialog. The software described in this guide is furnished under a software. The Lookup Extension Component should implement an update to the external database from the UpdateLookup method, so the new current value of the authentication key is recorded in the database.

Add “Subsystem1” ‘Any other code goes here. Add the following lines xdgiver code at the beginning of your class: Other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Local Get network from Local network collection Call mynetwork. Click Use Hostname and enter the device s hostname to resolve the device s IP address from its hostname.


A Division of Cisco Systems, Inc. Adapterand Internet-enabled network interfaces such as the. In addition, an external database can be shared by several machines, while the Windows Registry is machine-specific. Smart Access Control System Software. You can click a Profile name in the list to see a list of devices that are using xxriver Profile.

This is the set of configuration parameters that determines how the default xdriver will manage connections to your RNIs, and how it will respond if those xdrlver are terminated as a result of some unexpected xdrver failure.

OpenLDV Programmer’s Guide, xdriver Supplement

This is a known Windows Vista problem, caused by Vista compression of the cached installation program used in the uninstall process — see http: Hopkinton, MA The network interface name for an RNI using xdriver must use the following naming convention: In addition, the fields on the Lookup tab are read-only for the Default xdriver Profile.

If desired, you can set the downlink key to match the uplink key. Reproduction, adaptation or translation ddriver prior written permission is prohibited, More information. The second way is to install your Profiles as temporary Registry entries that are overwritten each time the software is installed.

If the application rejects the session, the session is terminated immediately. You may not reproduce, transmit, transcribe, More information. You can eliminate these symbol conflicts by removing the include “LdvxResult.

For more information on xdriver Profiles and the xdriver Profile Editor, see xdriver Profiles on page The following section lists the events that occur during an uplink session. For more information on this method, see ReleasePendingUpdates on page A NET development environment, and create a class library project.


When you do so, you will notice that there are two levels of subtrees below the Profile. For more information on authentication, see Authentication Key Handling on page The Connection Broker service creates an entry for the network that has requested the uplink session in the System. Once you have created a Profile to use your custom Lookup Extension Component and started the Connection Broker, you can begin using LNS applications such as LonMaker to access the networks you will be using with xdriver.

The new device and RNI will be listed on the tab. This opens the tab shown in Figure Figure 3. This includes detailed descriptions of the software tools you will use to configure xdriver, and programming samples to assist you when you create LNS applications for xdriver.

This opens the tab shown in Figure 3. For more information on authentication, see Authentication Key Handling on page The LNS application performs whatever xdrivfr operations are required.