I went with watchdog because it had a series of inbuilt checks, such as:. However Shuttle mini PC doesn’t. This may be a BIOS or even a hardware issue. Comment 18 Andriy Gapon The prompt will not return do not press control – c nor control – d , simply wait.

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Instructions from Linux itself: This should open a terminal as shown next:.

Watchdpg watchdog service is designed to monitor a running system — on a regular interval if the system is healthy the service will reset a hardware counter by sending a keepalive message. Comment 7 Andriy Gapon Specifically, it probed and attached successfully, enabled once watchdogd was started, and never fired after the running watchdogd was killed by SIGKILL.

Hardware watchdog

See here for full instructions on how to create a USB bootable stick on Windows. Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. Comment 24 Andriy Watcdog If you are interested, this is what Linux does for that bit: Does it work as far intrl device attachment goes?


Comment 29 Andriy Gapon What is the BAR that you get? Use F8 on boot to choose whence to boot from.

If only the first appears, the watchdog was not detected and it is useless to continue. I went with watchdog because it had a series of inbuilt checks, such as:. The no-reboot bit was not set on my test hardware, so I decided to leave its handling for the later time.

If you wish to check the integrity of the file ubuntu We generally assume that the computer boots following the UEFI protocol although indications will be given on how to perform the test with a traditional BIOS.

None of these commands will produce any output. Comment 1 Konstantin Belousov The PCI devices are found by their slot intfl function defined in the datasheets as siblings of the upstream LPC bridge. The prompt will not return do not press control – c nor control – dsimply wait.

There are a few options for watchdog daemons. The verbose dmesg is as follows. Thank you for the investigation and the patch.


Comment 13 commit-hook Mon Oct 22 When the watchdog daemon detects that the onboard temperature is above the threshold, it tries a clean shutdown. Comment 14 Dries Michiels After a certain time, the screen should look like shown at right.

Hardware watchdog | Alex Louden

Maybe fixed resource allocation. The point of this page is to provide simple instructions to test whether the watchdog works. If booting through UEFIthe screen should appear as shown on right. However Shuttle mini PC doesn’t.

On the other hand, the original ichwd surely worked on ThinkPad Ts, so at least the corresponding device ID 0x9d23 can be added. This will cause the watchdog to start counting down.