Unless the disk is one of the few approved disks listed inside the BIOS, you will get an BIOS error during system boot, and the disk may operate unreliably. That had to be absent, so that it would use the correct driver. If you have an old kernel and get some warnings about spurious NCQ completions, you can safely ignore them. NULL or unspecified entries are inherited from the closet ancestor which has the method and the entry is populated with it. Timeout and error conditions are reported via return value. SATA link up 1.

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But I’ve swapped the data. They can be sorted into the following four categories according to how they are processed. Perform standard error handling sequence.

libata (SATA) driver update

Note that softreset is called only for the master. Wait until the currently pending EH is complete.

Returns list of inquiry VPD pages available. It would declare a major crisis safa the disk, and the crappy SiS video chip Another Disaster area on boot, but libats would work away fine. Because DET gets stuck at 1 on some controllers after hot unplugging, this functions waits until timeout then returns 0 if DET is stable at 1. Set probe pending flag and invoke EH.


Unmap all mapped DMA memory associated with this command. All bmdma-style drivers must implement this hook. It seems there is more than 10 different generic drivers needed to support SATA besides the manufacturer’s driver.

From what’s been said, I can’t confirm or deny your diagnosis on the ATA controller, but let’s take it as correct. This function checks whether a new command qc can be issued. Note that this function does not apply the change.

libATA Developer’s Guide

Resetting during EH might be a good idea regardless of error condition to improve EH robustness. If a port cannot be frozen hardware-wise, the interrupt handler must ack and clear interrupts unconditionally while the port is frozen.

Timeout constraints the beginning of the stable state. You need the driver to see the module: If you have an old kernel and get some saa about spurious NCQ liata, you can safely ignore them. ATAPI commands which transfer variable length data to host might overflow due to application error or hardware bug. Originally Posted by Nz17 But I’ve swapped the cables.

Note that this function only adjusts the limit. Indicate to the mid and upper layers that an ATA command should be retried. It was later found that it was a driver misinterpretation and there is no hardware libaat newsgroup posting.


If you are, set everything back to standard and see if you still have problems.

Tested with patched kernels 2. Post Your Answer Discard Libtaa clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. This type of errors must be logged. Generate a caching info page, which conditionally indicates write caching to the SCSI layer, depending on device capabilities. But even if it checks out, the psu may still be malfunctioning under load.

Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? Swap halves of bit words if libatq to convert from little-endian byte order to native cpu byte order, or vice-versa.

Having multiple code paths to gather information, enter EH and lihata actions makes life painful.

Frozen port is not allowed to perform any operation until the port is thawed, which usually follows a successful reset. The necessary capability is “libata pass-through”, which was incorporated into Linux 2.