Processing triggers for libc-bin PPA statistics Activity 6 updates added during the past month. But I can’t use multiple controllers. Or do I need to find a different way? List of Supported mappings. This application lets you map the actions of the Powermate to almost anything input-related.

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Any and all device events are sent to the configuration scripts, and from there the user can decide what should be done with those events.

Install evrouter from here Create an event mapping file for evrouter with the contents: I love it now. The included example file can be a bit confusing, so I have attached a simplified version that controls the PCM volume with the knob, and uses hardware pulsing to make it flash when muted: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Matyas 4 9. You can find it here: This can be useful for when the input number changes. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Cheers, Dave powemrate an Aussie in Glasgow, Scotland.

Using the Griffin PowerMate with Linux

On my system, running Kubuntu The philosophy is simple: Raspberry Pi This program also works on the Raspberry Pi, but on Raspbian you first have to get PulseAudio working it’s not the default. PowerMate is a registered trademark of Griffin Technologies Inc. If you’ve read through the docs and still need help feel free to try the forums!


For example, gizmod knows which applications are running, so if you press the power button on your remote, and for example MythTV isn’t running, it will know to launch the MythTV frontend. If it’s currently running it will shut lonux down. Hold down the knob for one second to activate “movie mode”. I am running Ubuntu Choose your Ubuntu version Cosmic If so, you may read from them directly by writing a short C program that dumps their output.

powermate : Stefan Sundin

Different Linux distributions vary in how they handle device permissions, so the below may not apply to you. Now you can actually make the volume controls change the volume, or the media buttons control your music player! For example, if it detects more than one it will visualize the left audio channel on one, and the right on another.

But I can’t use multiple controllers. You need to have read-write permissions to this device to be able to access linyx.

This Powemrate can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system’s software sources.


Is it possible to use the udev rules and evrouter to account for multiple instances of identical devices and assign different functions to them? July 04 — 3. Latest updates powermate 4 days ago Successfully built powermate 4 days ago Successfully built powermate 4 days ago Successfully built powermate 35 weeks ago Successfully built powermate 67 weeks ago Successfully built.

Gizmo uses Python for configuration. Hold down the knob for one second to activate “movie mode”.

On restart you should be able to log in, launch gizmod, and have it detect your devices. Gizmo Daemon supports nearly any input device in a generic way, however it has special support for certain types of remotes, and other gizmos such as the Griffin PowerMate USB dial.

Much simpler than other solutions. Out of the box, Gizmod will control Amarok if it detects it running so you can change poweramte, play, pause, etc with the remoteas well as MythTV, MPlayer, and others. It requires pulseaudio the default in Ubuntuit changes the volume when the knob is turned and you can mute by pressing down the knob.