What good will it be having an underpower driver. After all we are here to find out if a tool is good enough to buy it and not to advertise it or the other way around. Are you sure you are talking of the same driver? Take a look at the features for Milwaukee Jobsite Radio. The reliable sellers of eBay have many M12 drills available for the do-it-yourself crowd that requires true power in their everyday work.

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This is my first tool from Milwaukee, and luckily I got there best model from which I am very pleased, and so far everyone is from this model. Thank you very much: Milwaukee M12 Radio See more. Milwaukee M12 Drill See more.

Milwaukee M12 Impact See more. I just love this tool. Does not get much better. But Nilwaukee love it anyway!

Impact Wrench Bare Tool. I concur we have bought a couple hundred for the job sites along with a few hundred makitas and desalts, hands down Milwaukee is the best. When this battery runs out of juice, it quits — no powering down, just quits!

Find an M12 for yourself on eBay and finish those projects sooner rather than later, and easier than you ever thought possible. Select service parts list and select go.


The Milwaukee C12D

Up for auction is a used Millwaukee M12 Radio Charger. Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ.

So what that this means milwakee me is that I cannot trust blindfold any brand unless first I do my research and see what other fellow WWs have to say about a particular model. I have been using it for a year now as my main driver on all woodworking projects and as a driver on concrete walls with blugs.

Milwaukee M12

The Milwaukee M12 battery provides hours of rechargeable power and can handle nearly a full day of work on just a single charge.

M12 Li-Ion not included.

Such comments can point us to two directions, either the product is not durable enough to stand hard work or the user misused or damaged it before selling it. LJ will not be held liable for the actions of any user. We use these on new construction electrical projects.

Use it more iin than my other cordless drills. Stubby Impact Wrench – The switch controller and one of the batteries quit after 2 months. What good will it be having an underpower driver. The integrated LED lights and fuel gauge display show you how much power remains in the drill before you need to charge up.


Shop the extensive inventory of tools including many Milwaukee power tools! Also I noticed that some friends not these here make some negative comments on a product that later stated they bought second hand used or from an unreliable source. Mine charges in 30 minutes, but I take good care of my batteries, charge them correct the first time and keep them charged always. Did you had problems at first?

Review: The Milwaukee C12D – by steliart @ ~ woodworking community

Community Rules I will also try to do so in the future as I did not here… I will edit the review to include that info. Li-Ion batteries are this way, they work full power and then stop. OK, that explains it.