Which doesn’t necessarily mean much since you may have a different internal price to performance scale. Thanks for the clarification. A great product for a time, but more capable rivals have now overtaken it. I’d also suggest that this perception varies somewhat depending on the input: Nearly like the upper registers were coming from a harpsichord instead of a piano.

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To quote from John Atkinson in the article. The Bigger Better Picture That said, I can very well imagine some listeners being enthralled, yes enthralled, by the Fidelify sense of clarity, speed and focus. It’s a versatile design, offering coaxial, optical, balanced and USB inputs. Jean-Michel Blais — Eviction Sessions. But what about an incoming USB signal? I mention this albeit subtle difference because it highlights and perhaps exaggerates the character of the M1’s Toslink input in that it tends to emphasize incisiveness which can impart a spotlit quality to some upper frequency information and a leaner feel to music overall.

This is a budget DAC and I was looking for the good bang for the buck, and to work within its limitations. Frequency Range Submitted by dtc on January 18, – 3: Sound Quality – upgraded 8.


Dac Musical Fidelity M1 | eBay

I remember explaining what it did in my column in October Vol. So if I step back from this Toslink focus, I’m left with a wonderfully musical-sounding DAC and one that offered many hours of pure enjoyment.

Online and through Authorized Dealers Price: Alternatively, you may already have one and fldelity looking to improve its performance. Thanks for the added information Submitted by Michael Lavorgna on January 19, – 9: PS Audio Stellar three-fer. Aqua La Voce S3 Discrete arrival. There’s never a sense of sonic grunge or a lack of dynamic rigor. A great product for a time, but more capable rivals have now overtaken it.

You may want to buy an M1 DAC fidelitt enjoy it, as is.

Musical Fidelity M1 DAC Review & Upgrades

Nearly like the upper registers were coming from a harpsichord instead of a piano. Cary Audio SLI integrated amplifier. The true technical term for these artifacts are Nyquist imagesbut for simplicity sake we might broadly call this a distortion, or noise. The M1 DAC was generally well received. Recording of June Notable for its complacency was the then-prominent British hi-fi company Quad.


Related Latest Galleries Recommended. I fdelity some would describe the Toslink input as being more accurate. While upsampling is nothing new, I thought it worth a brief explanation so I sent John R.

Shop Recordings Buyer’s Guides More. While I have heard it at Trade Shows, I could not offer any useful comparisons since there are too many variables involved.

The first sold to the dzc of and has the nicest internal layout. Go for it, they sound great out of the box, very capable.

The USB input sits between 1 and 5. Meanwhile, save your money and run with the M1.

Musical Fidelity M1 DAC Upgrade

But it suggests that something is not quite optimal with the Musical Fidelity’s circuit topology. Stereophile enthusiastically reviewed the M1, with Sam Tellig stating:. In addition there is another feature utilized in this process by Musical Fidelity, and that is reclocking of the data.